Granby's Got Pride is a 501(c)3 nonprofit operating in and around Granby, CT, dedicated to increasing LGBTQ+ inclusion!

How do we work?

Annual Pride event

Since June 2023, we've hosted an annual LGBTQ+ pride event, this year we will be hosting a Small Town Pride event.

By also advocating for LGBTQ+ inclusion on a state level we can ensure that LGBTQ+ topics are being included in the curriculum and that LGBTQ+ youth are being supported.

Through an annual June pride event and monthly programming for both adults and youth, we aim to increase LGBTQ+ inclusion in Granby and Greater Hartford, CT

Political Advocacy

By hosting speeches, get-togethers and movie screenings, we aim to further increase LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Our team

James Crocker

After organizing a LGBTQ+ pride rally last June of 2023 at just fifteen-years-old, he founded Granby's Got Pride and turned it into a 6-figure nonprofit.

"Young people are going to change the world"– 16-year-old, founder, James Crocker